Bike workout - power threshold

The RUN power, and not the BIKE power, is used to build BIKE workouts.

Can you share the screenshot of your intervals workout created in your calendar?

here you go. It takes 200W as reference, even though my FTP is 280W.

Also some trainings appear to be written in Spanish.

Thank you for the screenshots. We have raised a bug for this. Give us some time to revert. Meanwhile you can use trainingpeaks to get your workouts. This seems to be affecting only

thank you. Keep up with the good work.
Greetings from Switzerland

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We are extremely grateful for your valuable feedback, it helps us improve and strive for excellence.

We tried looking into your issue and couldn’t debug it. As we don’t send FTP information to intervals only % of FTP issue has to originate in intervals. To investigate further would you mind providing us with coach access to your intervals account. To do the same you will have to click on the top left corner. Find “add coach” and then find “Rohan Sharma” in that and add as coach.

Once done we will have a better look inside your account to investigate the issue.