How to add your Next Event

Adding an Event in EnduroCo

Adding an event to your EnduroCo calendar can help ensure that your workouts are strategically designed to help you reach peak performance just in time for your event. There are two ways to add an event - using the EnduroCo web app or the mobile app.

Method 1: Using the EnduroCo Web App

  1. Navigate to the EnduroCo Dashboard.
  2. Find the “Next Event” section on the dashboard.

EnduroCo Dashboard

Method 2: Using the EnduroCo Mobile App

  1. Open the EnduroCo app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the “Home” tab.
  3. Look for the “Next Event” section.

Adding the Event Details

Regardless of which method you used to reach the “Next Event” section, the process for adding event details is the same.

  1. Click or tap on “Add event”. A new window will open.

  1. Enter the “Event Name”. This could be the official name of the event, like “Delhi Half Marathon”.
  2. Select the “Event Date” on which the event will occur.
  3. Choose the “Event Type”. This could be Running, Cycling, etc.
  4. For “Event Subtype”, enter “None”.

Once you’ve filled out all the information, your event will be added to your dashboard and it will look something like this:

![Event Added|351x192, 75%](upload://cKzt81TJEe0kBKWsFRSEixLzz0F.png

By adding an event to your EnduroCo calendar, you’ll be able to train more efficiently, as workouts will be tailored to the Event.