How to manually add load for workout that was done but not recorded

If you couldn’t record a workout for some reason its important to record approximate load for that workout. That keeps the future workouts true and fine-tuned.

To do this first look at your workout history and figure out an approximate load for the missed workout. For eg. a z2 run for 1 hour could be around 80 tss and a z2 1hour ride would be approximately 50 tss.

Then go to On the calendar click on the day you want to add the load. image

Select the workout and make an entry. Manually enter the load in the workout.

This will correct the load calculations in EnduroCo.

is it ok to do this for missed workouts? i know the missed workouts affect the future schedules. but if we are not getting the loads for the week, then is it correct to do this?

When I say missed workout I mean to say a workout that didn’t get recorded. In that case this is a manual entry.