I got a message with workouts after setup. What does it mean?

I got a message like below after setting up. What does it mean?

Fitness: Fitness combines duration and intensity to provide a value of how much an athlete has trained historically . EnduroCo calculates fitness, by default, as the exponentially weighted average of daily Load for the past 42 days (7 weeks). Note that, in effect, Load represents the training an athlete has done in the past 3 months given the nature of exponentially weighted averages.

Form: Form represents the difference in the balance of training stress. Form provides a measure of how much an athlete trained recently (Fatigue), compared with how much an athlete trained historically (Fitness). EnduroCo calculates Form by subtracting yesterday’s Fatigue from yesterday’s Fitness. Form is not as a predictor of performance but as a measure of how adapted an athlete is to their training load. Form is displayed as a percentage of Fitness.

These numbers are also displayed on the dashboard.

After that its the training calendar. Its just a general indication of things to come. This helps the athlete prepare a mental plan of days to come. The workouts would change based on actual implantation by the athlete. More details of the workouts to come can be seen on the dashboard

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