Improvement in pace!

Hi my query is about the improvement… I run consistently and also follow the pace range but still I don’t feel I have improved say when I do the long intervals it’s very difficult for me to hold z4 pace for 5 min… I thought atleast the perceived effort or my HR will improve but it hasn’t… Can you please let me know where I could have gone wrong??? `


On going through your data the first issue I can see is that HR data is inconsistent.

Two examples are that your threshold hr is same as your z2 hr. That means your all out effort for 30 minutes has same HR as your z2 effort. That seems impossible.

Two possible conclusions if we ignore HR

  1. The z2 HR is really high and aerobic base needs work. In that case we move to hr based MAF plans
  2. There is an underlying medical condition leading to abnormal numbers.

Before we draw any conclusion please do a z2 pace run with another HR sensor. Let’s validate the bad sensor theory first.

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  • Not able to improve pace
  • Not able to hold high intensity

I am assuming its the run on 5th Feb that was done using a chest strap. The data seems to suggest so.

Taking a small segment in between I get pace of 7:10 and HR of 144 bpm and cadence 176 spm.

Threshold is 5.49, 155 bpm.

So the 7:10 pace is lower z2 while 144 bpm is lower z3. The mismatch is there but not by a lot.

Next question I would like to ask is regarding nutrition

  • What do you eat / drink before, during and after the run.
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Since you said after analysing a small segment my pace was in z2 range but heart rate was in z3 and it’s a mismatch… Why so
And also u said the mismatch between pace n heart rate zone is not by lot and it’s in expected range then why no much improvement in my pace or in the RPE scale???. Is it some plateau I am stuck in??
This particular one on 5th feb was basically a evening run had my lunch at 1:00 (rice subzi dal)… Tea then run
But otherwise morning runs I normally eat 5-8 soaked almond and a small banana before run
After run 25 gm of whey

It’s not a mismatch. It’s in expected range. This is exactly what I wanted to see using the HR belt. Without the HR belt the numbers were really out of range.

Thats what we are trying to figure out. First step was to rule out any HR abnormalities. It seems fine. Meaning your aerobic base is doing its job.

Next few things that I want to investigate is

- Are you in calorie deficit.
You have to start taking 50 gm of carbs / hour during the run. Can be in sugar form as well.

- Are you dehydrated during the run.
Have at least 200mg of sodium per hour of running. Any electrolyte salt that you get if you get the sodium right other salts will be proportionately there.

- What is the status of Anaerobic conditioning.
How much strength training are you incorporating in your workouts.

Also let me know your body weight and height.