Integration with

I do not get workouts pushed automatically to Is this not working?

What I would expect is that all workouts are pushed to as a planned workout without TP involved.

Workouts push to is work in progress. Right now your workouts are pushed to trainingpeaks. From trainingpeaks you can push the workout to any of your devices. You don’t need the premium subscription of trainingpeaks for this.

Tnx. That is true but you cannot see the fitness chart for planned workouts without a subscription.

One more question, currently only the workout for next day is synced. Is it possible to push planned workouts for 1 or more months?

Will make the chart available in Enduroco. That’s in the pipeline.

TrainingPeaks only allows future workout sync for paid users. Moreover workouts are adaptive in nature. They change as soon as you register a new workout. Syncing more than one workout won’t be very useful.