New Zones page added

Added a new page for zones. This takes the threshold set in settings page and calculated zones. The approach here is the simplified 5 zone methods and all workouts use these zones to manage intensity.

Its available at

Instead of training by zone why not use target power and intensity factor? Zones are too open and most of the time riders follow the high number of the zone to train. There’s no way to cheat a training when you set the workout by IF and time.

@Rolo Agreed 100%

The zones page is just an indicator for people doing workouts by feel. The workouts generated have hard boundaries with target power / pace or HR (based on workout type)

Load (TSS) being the main training metric is directly a result of IF and time.

So if an athlete goes outside the power zones of an interval then it will have a direct impact on his/her workout Load. That will directly impact the fitness / form numbers.