Strength Training For Cyclists

Bodyweight Exercises for Cyclists

Spiderman Push-Ups

Trunk/core strength, or anything between the hips and the shoulders gains benefit from performing spiderman push-ups. Additionally, an added benefit is the element of hip flexibility attained through bringing each knee to its corresponding elbow.

Pistol Squats

Single leg strength and hip flexibility is the goal of a properly executed pistol squat. Following a progressive approach with the pistol squat is recommended as most athletes will have a difficult time safely executing a full pistol squat.

Side Planks

The core is largely engaged in the side plank, but when including variations on the side plank, you’ll gain the added benefit of increased core, shoulder, and tricep/bicep engagement as well.

Weight Training Exercises for Cyclists


Hip and posterior chain strength are the main focus of a proper deadlift. The posterior chain essentially refers to any of the muscles along the backside of the body, meaning deadlifts can be very impactful for solidifying your comfort in positioning. It can be a process dialing in a proper deadlift, so be cautious.

Planking Rows (Renegade Rows)

Rows done in this push-up position integrates strength with stability. With the additional benefit to the “lats” (lattimus dorsi), and core, the ability to sustain proper position on the bike can become more manageable.