Swim workout explained

I got a workout like below. Can you explain it

This workout is a structured swimming session designed to train at threshold effort levels. Here’s a breakdown of the session:

  • Date: Wednesday, 3 April
  • Part of Training Block: It is Day 17 of a 21-day training block.

Warm Up:

  • 1 set of the following sequence:
    • 100 meters Freestyle (FS) in Zone 2 (Z2)
    • 100 meters Pull (using a pull buoy to keep legs still and work the upper body) in Z2
    • Rest 10 seconds
    • 50 meters FS in Z2
    • 50 meters FS in Zone 3 (Z3)
    • Rest 15 seconds
    • 50 meters Pull in Z2
    • 50 meters Pull in Zone 4 (Z4)
    • Rest 15 seconds

Main Set:

  • 1 repetition of the following sequence:
    • 400 meters FS in Z4
    • Rest 30 seconds
    • 300 meters Pull in Z4
    • Rest 30 seconds
    • 2 repetitions of:
      • 200 meters FS in Z4
      • Rest 30 seconds between each
    • 2 repetitions of:
      • 200 meters Pull in Z4
      • Rest 30 seconds between each

Warm Down:

  • 1 set of the following sequence:
    • 100 meters Pull in Z2
    • 100 meters FS in Z2
    • 100 meters of Choice stroke in Z2

The workout mentions TSS, or Training Stress Score, which is a measure used to indicate the overall training load and stress of a workout:

  • The TSS needed to maintain the ramp (increase in training load over time) is 198, which is the target for this workout.
  • [AbMin] TSS needed to maintain ramp is 42, but since it’s below the minimum threshold of 45, it’s been boosted.

Load and Time:

  • The workout has a load of 0, likely indicating there’s no additional weight training involved.
  • The total workout time is 0 hours and 0 minutes, which may either indicate it’s a placeholder (as the actual swimming time is not mentioned) or is a part of the structure where swim time is calculated separately from the overall session time.

This workout is typical for endurance and competitive swimmers who train in different heart rate zones to improve cardiovascular capacity, muscular endurance, and swimming efficiency. The use of “pull” indicates a focus on upper body strength and technique, while the different zones indicate varying intensity levels.