Ultra Distance Cycling Training Guide

There are a lot of aspects that go into preparation for Audax ultra events like PBP, LEL, TCR. I will stick to things related to training in this post. Do reply below with your experience / suggestions to help others.

Raise your FTP. Rolling all day at 60% of 280 watts finishes a 600K hours ahead of riding at 60% of 220 watts

Aim to touch 100 fitness two to three weeks before the event. Plan your workload meticulously. Make sure you peak at the right time. Lot of people peak too early. Then taper for two weeks.

Say no to junk miles. This is an extension of FTP point. If you do too many slow long rides you just get good at riding slow. Have variety. Always ride with a structure. Volume and intensity both are important.

Hit that hill. A lot of people training on flat roads are really bad at climbing. Riding strength on flat doesn’t transpose well into riding strength on hills. So training on flats handicaps you by more than 20-25 % even before you start an event with climb in it.

Practice the nutrition Whatever nutrition strategy (gels, carbs, chews, bars etc…) you have, should be well practiced going into the event. Don’t try anything new during the event. Eating and drinking right is the difference between feeling dead on the bike or having a strong event.

Bike Fit Make sure the bike fit is locked in good 6 months before the even. Try not changing that lead up to the event.