Understanding Stryd Mixed Intervals

Could anybody help me understand Run Mixed Intervals Stryd [Cap]?
I get this suggestion for tomorrow’s training, but I don’t know what to do.



The workout name is just an indication. The workout would have already synced with your TrainingPeaks and Intervals.icu account. You can go there and check the exact details. Below is an example of how the workout would appear in intervals.icu account

The same would sync to your running watch through TrainingPeaks or intervals.icu and you can just go to the workout section of your device and follow instructions.

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My details page/popup comes out blank. But I understood it was a mistake/bug :confused:


Can you please tell us if you were using the webapp or the mobile app ?

Also in the meanwhile we try to figure out what went wrong there you can always go to intervals.icu or trainingpeaks and see the workout details there.

Hi Rohan, i am using the mobile app



It’s a known issue on the mobile where it renders a grey page at times. Just going back and opening the workout tends to solve it. We are working to fix this at the earliest.

Thank you for the feedback.

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Issue prompt again.

No details on Enduro.co, nor Intervals >>

I am using the web app now, on MS Edge

My calendar on Intervals